Our process is the
product of a collaborative effort on
a number of interactive projects. Each project is approached with a holistic mindset; and we treat our clients as partners.

Our Process

How we think leads to what we make. We approach each project from the perspective of an audience - with an aim to craft an intuitive yet engaging experience. To achieve this we have refined and cultivated our process to ensure we have the highest quality outcome. We follow these steps:

  • Discovery and Planning
  • This stage of our process is about defining your goals and objectives. At this stage, the Letter of Engagement has been signed and a project has been set-up in Basecamp. From here, we will immerse ourselves and establish a solid understanding of the task at hand outlining the details of the Scope of Work (SOW). This will include:
  • Vision and Scope
  • Once begun, we will precisely define the scope and vision of the project as a collective effort. This can be done remotely, but we prefer it to be in person. User Requirements In establishing the user requirements we consider site performance, navigation, site optimization and look and feel.
  • System Requirements
  • Depending on the size and needs of the project, we will identify who is needed, what is needed, when it's needed, where the needs are, why they need to be met and how we are going to get there. This is a very important step in the beginning, and will usually be further defined in the Kick-Off.
  • Organization and Planning
  • Here, we will determine the assets and resources involved, timeline, approval process, project management, deliverables and milestones that are needed to make your project as successful as it can be.


This stage of the process sets up the foundation for a successful project. At this point we will agree on the workflow, target audience and strategy to reach and engage them. This will include:

  • Workflow
  • This stage involves setting up appropriate teams and assigning responsible parties that will be in charge of the sign-off and approval process.
  • Discussion Workshop
  • Our team will meet with you to discuss and explore the resources gathered both online and offline. This might involve reviewing a list of questions developed on both sides that will help us think in new ways about goals, internal assets and targeted audiences.
  • Identify Personas
  • Each project has a target, and this is where we will identify Key Audiences and User Profiles.
  • Strategy
  • With the User Profiles in place we strategize on how we are going to reach our intended audience with the most success.


Now that everything has been organized and documented, it is time to start on the actual production. This is where a variety of solutions are explored. From page layout to working prototypes, this stage defines the design and functionality of your project.

  • Wireframing
  • We create wireframes to provide you with a clear view of the approved Information Architecture. This gives you an understanding of the overall density and breadth of the project we are building before we apply the final artwork.
  • Quick Click
  • Different from Prototyping, a Quick Click is a small-prototype, quickly built in Flash that demonstrates key points of interactivity within a project to provide a proof of concept, ease of use and information architecture.
  • Pathways
  • Here we address the many user scenarios that include a series of entry points, click paths, and return visits.
  • Concept and Design
  • This step involves the development of different options for look and feel which will explore, color, typography and artwork style. These are created while the Wireframes are being defined. This will assure we keep the project moving and hit the deadline – once chosen, the design will be implemented with the corresponding wireframe.
  • Prototyping
  • These days more and more clients like to have a Prototype with a defined click path of key pages. This allows us and you, the client, to test and prove the User Interface patterns and foresee any usability issues.

Production and Delivery

The final stretch, where development is completed, all designs are fine-tuned and a final round of reviews is completed to ensure it meets our quality assurance (QA). Only then do we deliver the project to you. Steps include:

  • Development
  • Once the architecture of the site and designs have been finalized the project is put into development. This will include the technical build out of the project and includes the execution of any Flash and third-party integration.
  • Design Sign-Off
  • After rounds of feedback and tweaking, the final designs will be implemented within the sites information architecture; in addition, we will deliver a style guide that outlines all colors, fonts and attributes that coincide with your project.
  • Delivery
  • At completion, we deliver the project to you carefully organized and furnished with all necessary document and deliverables.
  • Follow-Up and Support
  • We care about the quality of our work and want you, the client, to be happy with the final project. To assure this we will follow up at regular intervals and offer standard support, if any problems should arise down the line.